Skweezer Review

Skweezer Review (Got Verified)

Today I am reviewing the service – Which is very promising.

First, some more information

With Instagram getting widely known for its potential as a platform for e-commerce, it is also becoming harder to users and brands to gain a greater audience due to the increase in competition. While you can create a lot of effort to increase your Instagram following in the legit way, you can also opt to buy Instagram followers for the needed increase in followers. Sometimes, great content and aesthetics are not the only qualifications of a successful Instagram following – numbers do.

However, few questions still remain: Should you do it?  Is shelling out money for additional followers worth it? Is it an effective way to eventually increase your real Instagram following?

In the first place, why do users feel the need to buy Instagram followers? The primary reason for wanting to have a number of followers is to let your brand or account get noticed and famous. This is used by some businesses as an opportunity to advertise their business through collaboration and endorsements with an account with a massive following. Most businesses consider an Instagram following as a concrete proof of a brand’s success. This opportunity is used by Instagram brands to earn through their accounts. Nowadays, most brands are focused to getting richer and famous through this type of marketing.

With this, Instagram users are immensely pressured to make their brand known – making the temptation to buy Instagram followers greater. There are multiple websites where you buy Instagram followers. Additionally, buying followers is relatively cheap and ridiculously easy to do. With a few clicks, you can witness your Instagram following increase right before your eyes.

There is a catch: most Instagram followers gained are not real or legit. This is because when you buy Instagram followers, the majority of services will give you purchasable followers made from bots and dummy accounts. Although there are services which will let you buy real Instagram followers, there is still a drawback – the lack of engagement with the followers. These services will strategically link your account a bot which will engage with other accounts in the hopes of a “follow back” from them. With this, you will gain real Instagram followers. However, engagement with them will be highly unlikely.

Buying your Instagram followers is a foolproof shortcut to having a greater number of audience. However, as with any shortcuts, the risks are numerous as compared to doing it the honest way. When you buy your followers, you definitely do not pay for quality and real followers. You only get the number of followers you paid for. Although it can convince other users to follow you in the honest and legit way, follower engagement is not guaranteed.

You also run the risk of getting caught for this fraudulent action. This could put your brand name, integrity, and credibility in bad light. Even if you have earned real audience, a closer look at the list of your followers will show all the fake accounts that are following you. If this happens, your current followers and other potential brands and businesses may deter from interacting and engaging with your brand if your following is proven fake.

Instagram uses engagement, not number of followers, in its algorithm to determine which posts will be posted in Instagram’s newsfeed when a user logs in. Instagram’s posts based on engagement is Twitter’s equivalent of a “trending topic”. Since most of your audience and followers are fake, your posts will not be shared to a larger number of actual Instagram followers. As a result, your posts will not be visible in your followers’ feeds. Thus, it will be harder for you to determine on whether you are closer to reaching and connecting with your target audience. This also dims your chances of getting noticed by other businesses and companies for a possible collaboration or endorsement.

With this in mind, buying Instagram followers is certainly not a long-term solution. Should you still opt to buy your way into fame, you can consider this action only as your initial step. You should not rely solely on buying your followers to reach your target audience. You can buy followers enough to get noticed. Once your following has increased, you can divert back to doing the honest way of earning your followers.

Keep in mind that there’s a certain respect that comes with the honest and legit way of using Instagram as your platform for e-commerce. Letting your brand go big in an organic way – through your own efforts by keeping and maintaining your content and account aesthetic – is more fulfilling than just paying for it.

Skweezer Review

So there are a couple of other sites that gave a review of – Some of them real and others not. The Spireusa article is fake, and so is the Selectedbest article. Both websites look exactly the same, and promote the exact same  services while putting others down. The truth is that those websites are owned by the company that owns Social Steeze and various other

Before I wanted to order with Skweezer, I decided to look up some reviews online and I came across the ones of Spireusa and Selectedbest. Those looked fishy, and so I decided to just try it out. And it worked. The client I submitted got verified.

The Trustpilot reviews say the same.

How to buy instagram followers

How to buy Instagram followers

In 2017 it has become more difficult than ever to buy Instagram followers. The reason for this is because Instagram has improved their systems and can now detect fake, bot generated Instagram accounts, and delete them. This causes many providers to shut down, because their database of accounts to deliver as followers, are being removed by Instagram. But there are still some websites where you can get them, and I will review them below.

The features I review in this article

For every service provider, I will look at a couple of important points. Based on this, I will make up my rating:

  • Delivery speed
  • Account quality (do the followers look real?)
  • Support
  • Pricing

Let’s get started, shall we?


This service has been around for a couple of years now. They started out as ‘Insta Celeb Services’. They have grown rapidly over the past couple of months, as most celebrities seem to be using as their main service, based on iCloud leaks that were reported on TMZ (Search Google for the article). I have tried this service several times myself, and here’s my review:

Delivery speed
This service works with very high-quality followers, and so their delivery speed is not the best one in this list. After 4 hours of placing the orders, the followers started dripping in.

Account quality
I was very surprised by how good the accounts look, very realistic.. and that is because they are actually real people. Yes, BuyIGViews has a network of real people that are connected to their service. They get paid a share of what BuyIGViews makes on a sale, so they’re able to provide real Instagram followers. The downside: The pricetag.

Their support used to be bad, where I was waiting on a reply for days. But since a couple of months they have improved the support as they seem to have hired a professional support team. Their website claims that the support team is available 24/7.

My least favorite part about this service is the pricetag. Yes, the followers are actually real, but it’s still quite expensive for some virtual numbers that you buy.
Prices start at $17, which will get you 100 followers and 50 likes for 30 posts.

Overall rating:

“Outstanding follower quality, fair pricing and a good support team.”



This service is very new, and I tried it for the first time yesterday. So this review is brand-spanking new and up to date! When you order with them, you get your own dashboard where you can view all your recent orders, which is awesome for customers that buy in bulk.

Delivery speed
Their delivery speed is the best part about their service. It is instant. You order, and 2 minutes later you start receiving the followers. It’s super, super fast.

Account quality
The quality of these accounts is good. An experienced eye could tell that they’re fake, but the names, profile pictures and bio’s all look very, very real.

RealFollows has no support team as far as I know, only package cancellation and refund request tickets can be made.

Their pricing is very affordable. Prices starting at just $1.50 which buys you 100 followers, definitely a whole lot cheaper than BuyIGViews, and it’s delivered way faster.

Overall rating:

“This service is FAST. If you don’t care too much about support and follower quality, and just want a couple of thousand followers for a couple of bucks, and you want it fast, then this is your service.”


Best Instagram hashtags for likes in 2017

Instagram is a one of the zero-cost social media app used to share your life moments with your Instagram friends through pictures and videos (up to one minute) in funny and quirky way. Capture an image with your smart phone and edit this image by using some photo editing apps or Instagram photo editing option and save it then upload your photos (with or without edit) to your Instagram account and it can visible to your Instagram followers. This app contains some tab options like Home, Invite, Explore, etc the Explore button allows “members to search multiple user accounts to follow their images by following hashtags”. The home tab used to, the account holders can view photos in the format similar to Facebook’s newsfeed. From this newsfeed’s view, users can provide likes and comments to the photos. If you want to use the Instagram app, it’s very simple to start. Go to your app store and download the app in free cost. Then install to your mobile and enter requiring details to create own account for you. Choose a user name, password and upload a profile or display picture then search which peoples you like to follow.

How to increase account followers

Getting of more followers includes variety of techniques. Some simple steps are help to get more number of followers and they are,

  • Change Instagram account in to public: If your account is private mode, only your friends can able to see your account posts. In case your account is in public mode, anyone can see your posts and can start following to your account.
  • Upload good profile picture: The new peoples surely see your profile photo (DP photo), so upload your DP is very cute and perfect. Then concentrate your biography sentences, write lovable sentence to impress others.
  • Determine which type of peoples you like: Your account has to be charm for some peoples. So you must to determine your peoples or audience, then you can consider audience mindset and create better posts.
  • Write nice thoughts with cute images: Upload your photos with nice thoughts, because your followers can help to get some new followers.
  • Interact to more number of peoples: Interact or chat with more number of peoples regularly and tag your friends with your posts.
  • Make your account more interactive: Make sure your account is very interactive to your followers and others and it is very important thing to get the new followers.
  • Put likes and comments to others posts: Read others posts and put likes and variety of comments in daily or regularly.
  • Link Instagram account to other social media apps: This app allows link to other apps like Twitter, Facebook and Linked in, etc… so connect your account to other apps and get new friends.
  • Write profound captions with hashtags: Upload your photos and videos with good caption and hashtags are helps to impress more peoples then you will get new followers requests. Some example hashtags is,







In another hand you can get plenty of followers with the help of SMO service providers. There are many websites are available to get the instagram followers. You need to check the various packages with a different number of followers based on your requirement and then buy your followers decide what type of followers you want and how many followers you want to get familiar in your community.

What you should know about Instagram

Nowadays Mobile phones are plays a vital and important role in every human life and you can see the phones mostly used by youngsters and children. Due to the development of mobile phones around the world there is also a development or improvement in various applications and they are,

  • Online Game application
  • Online recharge application
  • Screen lock download application
  • Various movie and music download application
  • Other social network application
  • Android application
  • Some trending application and so on.

Using these various types of application you can easily install or download an application which is useful for you or needed one for you.


It is also one of the applications for smartphone images sharing service and it allows a user to share images and videos to others either publicly or privately on the service. It is one part of the social media and it is ranked first in app store. It is a free mobile application exclusively for Android devices, iPhones, and windows 10 devices. Using this application the user can upload photographs and short videos and he can interlink with their Instagram accounts to Facebook, twitter, Tumbler and Flicker and this application consist of more than 500 million users. Using it you can get much fun, adventure, knowledge and other phases of life.

How to make huge Instagram followers:

People always want to be popular in their real life and also on their social networks. If you want to more popular on social networks means the followers are the necessary one as same as you want to more popular in Instagram means the followers are must. Buying Instagram followers is best choice to get fame in your community very quickly and also this follower is the quickest and easiest ways to kick start your Instagram account. Some steps to buy the followers are, before going to buy Instagram followers you need to make sure your budget. Then buy Instagram followers with the help of search engine and it will gives you general ideas of the popular results and then decide on a number of followers you need and many sites offering various packages with different numbers of followers.

Some techniques to get or buy Instagram followers are,

Public account: If you have any private account means it is used to share photos and videos with your friends only so the first step to buy followers fast is to go public account.

Hashtags: The Instagram uses hashtags to filter the photographs and the social media network will display all the photographs with a common hashtags. So it will increase the followers quickly and it is one best technique to buy followers.

Regular updates: It is used to refresh your account with new, original and captivating content and publishing a photo daily is a good standard.

Use filters: This is used to improve the look of your photos by adding a more personalized touch.

Synchronize with Facebook: Because of this you can share your photographs by both Facebook and Instagram account.

These are the techniques and some methods need to implement before going to buy Instagram followers.